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Proudly partnering with your hospital, rehab center or nursing home to deliver high-quality, specialized healthcare. Our collaborative effort between community physicians and Arena Health’s tele specialists provide personalized, convenient care to your patients.

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Doctor Examining CT Scan
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With 24/7 access to doctors and medical experts, care is always available. Connect virtually with providers dedicated to your health.


Arena Health works directly with your patients, providing specialty care health services to your hospital and health systems.

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Tele Critical Care/ICU Care

Providing medical care for life-threatening injuries and illnesses in the ICU.

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Tele Nephrology and Dialysis

Treating kidney health, kidney disease, treatment

and dialysis.

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Tele Infectious Disease

Treating acute and chronic infections, including


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Tele Neurology and Stroke

Managing disorders of the brain: ie., stroke, concussion and migraine.

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Treating diabetes, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism,

and more.

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Treating conditions of the heart, including CAD, blood pressure, cardiac arrest.

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Providing diagnosis, prevention and treatment of mental disorders.


Specialty Clinic

Providing specialized support, tailored to your

hospital's needs.

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Express Care

Meet with an Arena Express Care physician to diagnose, treat, and prescribe medications via video consultation or in our office.

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